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Rondo-Numba-NineAs a music journalist, I am inundated with emails from up and coming rappers trying to get some exposure. While most wind up being the same run-of-the-mill artists that usually wind up not being remembered, some stand out simply because of their name. In all seriousness, I once received an email from a rap crew named The Chicken Grease All-Stars. And yes, their music was as ratchet as you would expect.

Our friends at The Smoking Section have obviously run into the same problem as I have because they wrote a list of rappers who are in dire need of a name change. Check out an excerpt below:


Yup. This is real life. But, considering the Lil Durk affiliate was last seen posing with a rocket launcher, well…we’re actually OK with this name. Totally and completely OK with it. No need to reconsider, maybe, changing to something more applicable. At all.

To finish reading the rest of the list, head over to Smoking Section.


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