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Stevie J FaceSince music producer Stevie J became famous with his dating shenanigans on the hit reality series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” plenty of people have speculated that the former Bad Boy beatsmith had an affinity for that nose candy. While that speculation remained largely unsubstantiated, Stevie J’s wife and co-star Joseline Hernandez may have confirmed her husband’s drug use by accident.

Hernandez recently posted a picture of Stevie and herself in a car with the caption, “#MeNMyBestFriend.” While the photo was supposed to be a cute photo of the couple, many fans noticed a strange white substance around Stevie J’s nostrils. Once the commenters noticed the mysterious substance, they went wild with comments about how the couple does coke together in their spare time and all sorts of crazy things.


Check the photo w and let us know what you think.



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