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playstation tv - playstation tv

Playstation TV is the revolutionary idea that Microsoft was trying to accomplish with the XBox One, but miserably failed. The Playstation TV succeeds by giving people what they want: more gaming for less.

Are you a Playstation fan? If not, you will be. This goofy little Playstation TV box (no bigger than a DVD case) is going to hook up to Sony’s Playstation Network and put you controller-to-TV-screen with a world blistering gaming delight so deep you may forget to eat. Unless there’s pizza around.

From the looks of what’s available, it appears that Sony’s making a play to become the Netflix of games. How?

Remote play PS4 games

playstation 4 - playstation 4

First of all, if you have a PS4 already you can now remote play your PS4 games on your Playstation TV console. So if your PS4 is in your living room, but the PSTV is in the den, you don’t have to move the machine. No unplugging and replugging cords. No adjusting settings to make it work. Just move your controller from one TV to the other, hit a few buttons and play. Gorgeous. But we’re just getting started.

Play old Playstation games

sony playstation consoles - sony playstation consoles

You don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to mess around with buying up old Playstation games? Good. You won’t need to. Sony will be making their library of Playstation, PS2 and PS3 games available via the Playstation TV. It won’t be the entire library so some titles that you loved but your friends hated might not show up. But who knows? They could in the future while Sony keeps making past marquee titles available.

Play old PS Vita games

playstation vita - playstation vita

The Playstation Portable and it’s successor, the Playstation Vita, were expensive little devices in their own right. They also have a lot of games in their backlog. Now, those hit titles will be coming to Playstation TV as well right along with all the games available via the Playstation Network. You will have access to five console’s worth of games with the purchase of a Playstation TV, at least. That’s kinda massive. But what about your Netflix account?

Stream music, TV shows and movies

netflix logo - netflix logo

Getting a Playstation TV means you will have access to not only all those games, but also your Netflix account and other streaming services like YouTube and Spotify will work on it too. So how much does this damn thing cost anyway?


$100 bill - $100 bill

Ninety-nine dollars. Ninety-nine bones, singles, one-spots, bucks, aces, green-backs, clams…you get the idea. That’s all you need for a Playstation TV. Well, you may also need some other stuff too. However…

Lego Movie Game Bundle

lego movie game - lego movie game

If you don’t have a controller and some other pieces, they’ve got you covered. For an extra $40 you get a controller, HDMI cable, a memory card and voucher for the ‘Lego Movie’ game. Also, Disney’s mega-popular sandbox game ‘Infinity’ is coming out for the console early next year.

So yeah, set that Ben Franklin aside right now. You’ll thank me later.

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