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Dijon “DJ Mustard” McFarlane has incorporated veteran styles from different regions in his production process scoring over a dozen hit records and chart topping albums. So it only makes sense that he takes a similar approach to how he dresses himself.

The L.A. based hit man behind YG’s “My Krazy Life” debut and countless radio hits for 2 Chainz, Jeezy and the like is one of the new faces of Sean John clothing’s “Dream Big” campaign. was “On The Set” to capture DJ Mustard’s fashion debut and get his thoughts on music and style.

“My music is more West Coast based but I’m doing everything right now,” he told “I’m not trying to be a in a box. I don’t even dress like I’m from L.A. I take fashion real serious and I take my music as serious as I take my fashion.”

Watch our exclusive behind the scenes footage and interview with DJ Mustard!


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