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TMZ - Ray Rice


The tumultuous offseason for Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice continued on Monday, as TMZ released an elevator surveillance video of Rice knocking out his then-fiancee Janay Palmer. The Baltimore Ravens terminated Rice’s contract shortly after the video’s release, followed by an indefinite suspension levied by Commissioner Roger Goodell. The NFL claimed they hadn’t seen the newly-released TMZ video until Monday morning. However, in an interview with Fox5 DC, TMZ’s executive producer Harvey Levin claims that the league did in fact know of the video, but turned a blind eye to the incident. As quoted by Yahoo! Sports:

“When you wake up tomorrow, go to the website, our website, and you will see what the NFL didn’t do,” Levin said.”I believe they turned a blind eye to it. The NFL knew this surveillance video existed, they knew the casino has surveillance video, and we will explain [on Tuesday] why we know they knew that … but they did. They didn’t do anything to look at this video.”

Rice was originally suspended two games after the NFL’s initial investigation, which the league claims Rice lied about. Commissioner Goodell later admitted that he “got it wrong” when it came to punishing the Ravens running back, and immediately installed a new domestic violence policy. The terms of the new rules state that a player will receive a six-game ban for their first domestic offense, and a lifetime ban for a second.

All eyes will be on TMZ Tuesday September 9.


If in fact Levin can prove the league knew of this footage, what does this mean for the tenure of Commissioner Goodell? How will this affect your view of the NFL product? Sound off in the comment section.


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