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Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved. La La Anthony had an awesome message to deliver earlier this month as she sat down with Miss Info for the 10th Anniversary of the Circle of Sisters Expo in New York City.

There are some women who may desire that lifestyle of dating someone rich and famous, she made it very clear that it is important for women to have their own thing going on and not look to a man for validation.

She said:

I’m not being negative but it’s something to be said that, [your man] knows that if something goes down, you would be okay if you had to walk away. And that’s powerful. That is powerful. So it’s just something to think about. I say, come into a relationship with your own. Everyone is not meant to run a Fortune 500 company, but just have something that you own. A clothing line, a hobby, something that you’re passionate about so that your whole world doesn’t revolve around a man. That’s not a good thing.

For me the whole ‘Basketball Wife’ thing, it’s tricky. I battle with that title because sometimes I go, you know, ‘I’m not a basketball wife, I’m not a typical basketball wife,’ but in essence, I am a basketball wife. It took for Gayle King to sit me down and go, ‘You know, you shouldn’t look at it as such a negative title. It is what you are,’ and I respect my husband and I want to be a great wife and be there for him, but I also want to have my own career and do my own thing. Which I think is really cool. I think when you bring something to the table, and I say this to all the ladies out here, it just makes you that much more attractive to that man that you’re with. It just makes you that much more valuable.