Chingy Leaves Breezy A Thirsty Instagram Comment

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This Christmas, if you weren’t laid out suffering from the “itis,” you may have been one of the people who found themselves doing the “Chicken Head” dance to Chingy’s throwback jam “Right Thurr.” Chris Brown must have been scrolling through his iPod on shuffle and came across the 2003 hit and decided, “Hey, I should make this the #ChristmasChallenge.” Whatever his inspiration, Breezy’s #ChristmasChallenge soon began flooding our timelines.

While we were thankful for the laughs (we even participated a little), no one was more thankful than Chingy. The southern rapper commented under an old photo on Breezy’s Instagram thanking him for reinvigorating “Right Thurr.” Oh, and asked Breezy to hit him up about some potential musical endeavors. Insert side eye emoji.

Would you be here for a Chris Brown, Chingy collaboration?

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