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Who said the fellas are the only ones who can carry a gun and take down bad guys on the big screen? Sure, the male-heavy cast of Expendables 2 (in theaters August 17th) may be able to annihilate a dozen villains in a matter of seconds, but we think a lot of our legendary actresses can too.

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Here are five black women who make the perfect Expendables dream team **some clips NSFW for language**

5) Lynn Whitfield. Martin Lawrence couldn’t run away fast enough way Whitfield in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. And she was wearing a dress and pearls! Whitfield just has that commanding yet sophisticated demeanor that makes dudes want to step to her and women want to be her. We’re sure she could use that as a weapon when threatened.

4) Angela Bassett. It’s been a while since she’s headlined a major movie, but we know Bassett can get her groove back whenever she wanted to. And we all saw her clock Laurence Fishburne in What’s Love Got To Do With It? and flexed on Green Lantern as the ball-busting Amanda Waller. Give her a rocket launcher (or a book of matches) and watch her go to work.

3) Theresa Randle. There’s really no reason why Randall isn’t in every movie that comes out. She’s a compelling actress, and looks great onscreen, even when she’s whispering sweet nothings in men’s ears in Girl 6. But we’re guessing her underrated status has something to do with the fact that, even at 48 years old, Hollywood is intimidated by her talent. Give her a chance with an Expendables film, and she’ll remind you why she’s still awesome.

2) Grace Jones. At 64 years young, Ms. Jones has been stuntin’ on folks for years. Just last month she performed her classic 1985 tune, “Slave to the Rhythm” wearing a red spandex body suit at Queen Diamond’s Jubilee Concert, and hula-hooped throughout the entire performance! Although she doesn’t have a long acting resume, we bet she could still refer to her vintage performances in Boomerang and A View to a Kill when necessary. Just say the word, Sylvester Stallone.

1) Pam Grier. She’d have to be the ringleader of the bunch. Why? Because she’s had over four decades of ass-kicking experience, that’s why. She could show these cats how it’s really done. And don’t let her have to strap on her ‘fro and dust off her pistol from Coffy. You know she still has it, and it still fits.

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