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Mo’Nique has recently come out saying that she has been blackballed in Hollywood. According to the comedian/actress, she was originally given the role of “Cookie” on Fox’s new hit drama Empire. Mo’Nique, 47, discloses being given a script but after days of no returned call, she reached out only to discover that the role was later given to Taraji P. Henson, due to her shunning from the entertainment industry.

Allegedly, this unfortunate blacklisting was a result of her list of basic demands made after the success of the movie “Precious.” She refused to promote the film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 if she was not awarded compensation.  Empire’s director, Lee Daniels says that Mo’Nique was instead blackballed for being too “difficult” to work with.

Taraji has finally responded, via social media, to these allegations and shares her opinion by retweeting a fan’s comments on the subject. The post read:

“Monique is so talented she’d be great in almost anything. But Cookie was always @TherealTaraji.”


Do you think Mo’Nique would have made a better “Cookie” or did they make the right choice casting Taraji? Share your thoughts with us.