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Jonathan Daniel


This year, NFL free agency has been the new March Madness. There was just so much that went on in its first day.

Numerous deals were made throughout the day, but we’re here to break down the biggest ones.

Brandon Marshall is now a Jet. It’s odd but true: The Jets traded away a fifth-round pick for Marshall plus a seventh-round pick. Marshall had two of the best seasons of his career over in Chicago, but his final season there was marred with rising tensions over the lack of W’s and a meager 721-yard season. The Jets also released wide receiver Percy Harvin after grabbing him last season.

Frank Gore will join Andrew Luck in the backfield for the Colts after signing an $8.5 million deal. Gore is yet another loss to a 49ers roster that’s looking more suspect by the day. The 31-year-old is past his prime, however; his 1,106 yards is his lowest since 2010, when he missed five games. Still, it beats Trent Richardson.

Gore’s signing comes with an interesting storyline. It’s been hinted that LeSean McCoy had something to do with him changing his mind from signing with the Eagles.

Malcolm Smith will go from the Seahawks’ Super Bowl XLVIII MVP to a member of the Oakland Raiders. Will he push the Raiders out of the league’s cellar? Seeing how the past decade has gone for them, probably not.

Peyton Manning  gets himself another weapon with Owen Daniels joining the Broncos.

After spending his entire career with the Ravens, Torrey Smith  is coming to San Francisco via a five-year contract. It’s the best news Niner Nation has had in a while.

Lastly, running back Shane Vereen will join the Giants with a three-year, $12.35 million contract. Big Blue’s rushing attack has been decent at best over the past few seasons, and Vereen doesn’t really get too many chances to shine with Tom Brady under center. Maybe this could work.

Phew. That’s all of the big ones. Stay tuned right here for the latest in NFL craziness.

UPDATE: And here’s yet another twist. Darrelle Revis is back with the Jets after playing there from 2007-12. Revis island is back in New York.

Revis will also be making some serious quap. He’s signed a five-year, $70 million contract. $39 million is guaranteed.

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