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It is clear that Tyga and Kylie Jenner share a special bond. However, the two have been adamant about being nothing more than close friends. Despite their claims, recent photos have gone viral depicting Tyga’s alleged “Kylie” tattoo that, if real, would suggest otherwise. So far, neither Tyga or Kylie have yet to address the skepticism.

In recent Instagram photos, Tyga is seen wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt that reveals Kylie’s name in large, black letters, just above his right elbow.

Tyga, 25, insists that he and Kylie’s relationship is strictly platonic and that the hearsay does not bother him. He recently discussed his opinions on a New York radio show:

“Whether if I tell the world that I love her or I don’t, it’s gonna be me to dictate that, and how I want to keep my friendship and relationship with her,” Tyga shares with 92.3’s AMP Radio. “I feel like it doesn’t matter what the world thinks. If you’re around somebody, and you love being around that person, that’s all that matters.”

He continued on to say, “I don’t feel like what anybody could say would change that… how I feel for her as a person… She’s just a good person, she’s got great energy.”


Do you think these tattooed images are a hoax? What do you think Blac Chyna has to say about this situation? Tell us your thoughts.

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