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Hillary Clinton

Source: Charles Ommanney / Getty Images / Charles Ommanney / Getty Images

The former president, Bill Clinton, and his wife and presidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton, reportedly earned a combined $30 million in 16 months from speeches and book royalties. Yes, $30 million. You read that right. Now while we are all here for people living their best life and getting their hard-earned money, some people are raising eye brows at this latest report because it begs a few questions about the Clinton’s, and especially Hilary’s politics.

It has been reported that many of the speeches that were given were to financial corporations and banks as well as pharmaceutical and health care corporations. Additionally, many of these speeches took place outside of the United States. Why is this important? Well, it’s worth asking the question if this will affect the kinds of politics and policies that Clinton might have if she does in fact take office in 2016. Moreover, it has certainly received a few side-eyes from people who wonder if the Clinton’s can really understand the economic and social well-being of average Americans given their wealth.

These are all relevant issues that everyone should be paying attention to, regardless of party affiliation and political viewpoint. Especially as 2016 draws closer and the “political season” really gets going.

Do you think we should be side-eyeing the Clinton’s earnings or does it have nothing to do with their politics?

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