Bad Boys: Ride or Die excels in its debut weekend, raking in $104.6 million globally and surpassing all other summer blockbusters.

Actress, singer, and songwriter Janelle Monáe has joined the esteemed cast of Universal Pictures’ musical film project by Pharrell and Michael Gondry, as reported by Variety. The star-studded lineup includes Kelvin Harrison Jr., Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Halle Bailey, Brian Tyree Henry, and Missy Elliott. Monáe’s addition to the cast aligns perfectly with the musical nature […]

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire movie unfolds with its signature action-packed sequences, drawing viewers into a world of spectral encounters. As the story progresses, the team’s pursuit of the dragon ghost sets the stage for a high-energy adventure filled with suspense and excitement. True to the franchise’s spirit, their ghostbusting escapades are not without consequences, adding a […]


The Oscars are here, and many are hate watching just for the sake of complaining what actor of color got jerked. It is what it is, and sometimes they do get it right, and here are the Black actors we’re rooting for that actually won. After the 2016 #OscarsSoWhite hashtag went viral, thanks to April […]

Colman Domingo continues to dazzle audiences on the silver screen in his latest film ‘Sing Sing,’ in collaboration with A24. This movie draws inspiration from the real-life Rehabilitation Through the Arts program at Sing Sing maximum security prison. The film centers around inmates engaging in the program, crafting stage productions like ‘Breakin’ The Mummy’s Code.’ […]

The 2024 Oscars nominations were announced and while there were several favorites named, some on X feel like others were snubbed.

Regina King is back. The longtime popular actress and Oscar winner took a hiatus after her 26-year-old son and only child, Ian Alexander Jr., took his own life on Jan. 21, 2022. On Jan. 19, 2023, King posted on her Instagram account and opened up about her son. It was her only social media post since the tragedy. “January 19th […]

                              Epps was only half-joking when he admitted that he was “jealous” that Williams “broke the internet” following his explosive appearance on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast. The Friday After Next and First Sunday star mowed down fellow comedians like blades of grass, inciting a tidal wave […]

Teyana Taylor may not be completely done with the music industry after all. The multifaceted artist took to her Instagram Stories and shared a clip of an unreleased song. Teyana appears under a blood orange light as she croons the lyrics to her new song. The 20-second video serves as the first time she’s shared […]

                              While we celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop. Lets not forget some of the iconic Hip Hop Films.                                              […]

                                        Check out the highest grossing Rappers turned Actor. Did you guest right? Check out the results via IG @Ludacris

                            Soulja Boy wants people to acknowledge how he impacted the rap game doing these 50 Years of Hip Hop Celebrations. With all the 50 years of hip-hop being celebrated going on, Soulja Boy went on Twitter to give himself his own […]