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This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was full of confessions, proposals, break ups and of course, a few more lies.

Mimi finally came clean about her real role in the release of the sex tape to everyone close to her, Ariane gets all of her frustrations with Mimi out in the open and Momma Dee unexpectedly gets exactly what she wants.

Let’s get started.

Stevie J

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Stevie is the first person that Mimi tells about her real role in the sex tape release. He appears disappointed in her as she tells him that she helped Nikko orchestrate the fake leak of the tape, including the lie about it getting stolen at the airport. Despite her involvement, she maintains that it was all Nikko’s plan but admits to going along with it. Stevie tells Mimi that he doesn’t want to hear a pity party from her but instead wants her to say that she learned a lesson from making the poor decision to help Nikko release their sex tape and move forward by figuring out a way to fix it for their daughter Eva. He also tells Mimi that he isn’t going to beat her up about her truth because he has done worse things and is in no position to judge.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4, Episode 5

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Ernest asks Scrappy to meet with him to tell him of his plans to marry his mother. Scrappy says if he can get over Ernest stelaing from him, he thinks everyone else (including his sister) should be able to get over it to. Ernest reassures Scrappy that he’s been working on stepping his game up.

Momma Dee and Ernest later attend church together and he proposes with to her with a new ring after giving a speech in front of everyone. She accepts his proposal. Momma Dee sings he single “I Deserve” to him as the choir backs her up. It wasn’t awkward at all….we promise.

Kaleena says she’s trying to be supportive of Tony’s club opening but reveals that he began staying out until the wee hours of the morning in preparation for the grand opening. As the two begin to argue, Tony insists that he was working in the club and in the studio. Kaleena doesn’t buy it and demands an explanation for why he didn’t come home until 10am the next morning after leaving their home the previous night. Kaleena reminds Tony of his past infidelities and says if he starts doing the same things that he was doing back then like not coming home at night, she has every reason to become suspicious all over again.

Kaleen expresses mounting frustration with her career not moving forward and Tony tells her she should find another manager. She breaks down in tears.

Kevin Hart Visits Vanquish

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Sina asks Joc to be honest with her about what’s really going on between he and KD. She asks him why he brought KD to their “mothers” meeting. Sina questions what KD has that she doesn’t have and why Joc won’t commit to her exclusively. He says he loves them both. Sina then tells Joc that he needs to grow up and be a family man to her and their kids.

VH1 Divas After Party To Benefit The VH1 Save The Music Foundation

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Ariane gets body paint in preparation for Margeaux’s art/fashion show. Margeaux says she likes Ariane and is glad to have her in the show, while Ariane says Mimi’s issues with Margeaux have nothing to do with her. Ariane is disgusted when Nikko walks in as Margeaux is getting her ready for the show. He addresses both ladies briefly before leaving. Margeeaux asks Ariane if she spoke to Mimi about the truth behind the tape and  Ariane begins telling Margeaux about their conversation when Mimi walks in just as the show is about to start.

Lauren Williams Birthday Celebration

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Mimi says she came to Margeaux’s event to apologize to Ariane and say a few words to Margeaux. Margeaux greets Mimi and tells her she’s surprised to see her at the show. Mimi pulls Margeuax aside and finally admits that while Nikko planned the whole sex tape release, she did aid him in figuring out the best way to get it out to the world. Margeaux tells Mimi that she blatantly lied to her when they last ran into each other and Mimi admits to lying. Ariane pulls Mimi away from Margeaux just as things begin to get heated. Ariane takes Mimi outside and confronts her about lying about the sex tape from the beginning and Mimi says she’s telling the truth now because she’s tired of Nikko holding it over her head. A screaming match erupts between Mimi and Ariane as Ariane grows angry with Mimi for taking so long to tell her the truth.

Love & Hip Hop Takeover

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Joseline and Stevie perform at Tony’s club opening. Rasheeda and Kirk attend the club opening together and Kaleena confides in Rasheedah about the tension between she and Tony because of his involvement with the club. Rasheeda suggests that Kaleena talk to Deb Antney to get some perspective on her management situation with Tony.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4, Episode 5

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Margeaux goes to speak with Nikko after Mimi tells her the truth. She tells him that Mimi admitted to her involvement in helping the tape get leaked. She says hearing Mimi’s truth made her think of telling her own before admitting to Nikko that she believes her cheating on him in the past is to blame for him making and leaking the sex tape with Mimi. Margeaux apologizes to Nikko for cheating on him without apologizing. He accepts her apology but is startled to her then say that she thinks they should officially separate. They both break down in tears as they come to terms with separating.


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