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Ray Rice Press Conference

Source: Rob Carr / Getty

Janay Rice, wife of NFL running back Ray Rice is speaking out in defense of her husband Ray Rice in an attempt to help the one time superstar get his job back. She spoke to ESPN’s Jamelle Hill about how she feels when people address her husband as a woman beater. Janay said “I get angry about it because it’s the furthest things from the truth”.

Ray Rice was dismissed from the Baltimore Ravens after a video of him attacking Janay in an elevator was released to the public.

Last year Rice won an appeal to begin playing in the league again, but has not been picked up by another team yet.

Even though the video footage from the elevator showed Rice punching and savagely beating Janay she insists that he is not a wife beater because it was a one time incident. “It has never happened before, and that’s not him,” said Janay. “He’s been made out to be this monster, and he’s not a wife beater. He’s someone who made a mistake. He’s human.”

Janay also made it clear that she is not with Ray solely for his money.

“That’s the biggest misconception. A lot of people assume that I’m with Ray for what he can do for me. But anybody who knows me knows that I don’t need Ray. I’m with him because I love him, and he just happens to be a football player.”