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Former NBA Player Stephon Marbury Joins Foshan

Source: ChinaFotoPress / Getty

Former NBA baller Stephon Marbury had a pretty decent history in the league. In addition to being a star point guard for several teams including the New York Knicks, Marbury is also known for launching his own line of sneakers back in 2006. The Starbury sneaker retailed for about $15 bucks at stores across the country, but seemed to disappear after a few years.

Marbury, who hbeen succesfully playing ball in China for the last few years is ready to re-launch the sneakers and the low price that came along with them.

Marbury says that he is following God’s plan to create affordable sneakers for people who aren’t able to afford $200 Jordans and Lebrons. He took to his Twitter account to give an uncensored opinion about Michael Jordan and even going as far as to say that MJ is “robbing the hood”

Marbury says that his shoes are made in the same factory as Jordan’s and only cost about $5 to make in China and that Jordan is marking up the price to take advantage of people of color.

What do you think?