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With the recent San Bernardino shooting, a heightened criticism of Muslims has spiked in recent days across the nation. A California woman displayed her disdain towards a group of praying Muslims by hurling insults in their direction and even threw coffee at one of them.

The group of men tried to reason with the woman, who was identified as a state employee. Despite their best efforts, Denise Slader’s verbal attack only intensified when one of the men began recording her, prompting her to say to the men that their god was evil among other insults.

More from CBS San Francisco:

The East Bay Regional Parks Police is investigating the incident last Sunday at Lake Chabot Regional Park in Alameda County. The group said it began when the passerby began insulting the Islamic faith and accusing the group of being terrorists.

The woman, identified as Denise Slader, encountered the men around 3 p.m. Sunday at the volleyball courts near the park’s entrance, according to parks spokeswoman Carolyn Jones. Slader is an employee of the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Jones said.

Rasheed Albeshari told the Bay Area News Group he and his friends tried to tell Slader that his group “believes in Jesus, we respect Jesus. But she came back and told us Allah is Satan and that Muslims were all trying to destroy everything nice. That’s when I started videotaping.” He posted the encounter on Facebook.

On the video, Slader is heard saying, “The people you tortured, are going to be in eternity in heaven. You are very deceived by Satan. Your mind has been taken over, brainwashed, and you have nothing but hate. Nothing but hate.”

Slader was approached by a park ranger who called her insults unseemly and when Ableshari tried to explain the situation, Slader struck him and threw the coffee.

The anti-Muslim sentiment has become a cause of concern, especially as GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been seen as a ringleader of such rhetoric.

A San Bernardino County man was arrested in the city of Victorville on suspicion of attempted murder on Tuesday. Authorities believe that the 57-year-old Mohamed Ahmed Elrawi might be a radicalized Muslim based on their early investigation.

SOURCE: CBS San Francisco, CBS Los Angeles| PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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