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O.J. Simpson Sentenced In Kidnapping, Robbery Trial

Source: Pool / Getty

A new video has been released that shows O.J. Simpson singing along to a song about the events that lead to him being tried and eventually acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown. The video was shot in 1994 and shows The Juice listening to a song for the first time, but also bobbing his head and singing. The video is being released now as a part of documentary that is being released by O.J.’s former manager.

A part of the song says:

“On the thirteenth of June, 1994, no one knows what happened on that night for sure,” the song begins, as Simpson bobs his head appreciatively. ” . . . In one room ice cream’s melting, candles burning late on the scene was Detective Furman to investigate the murders of Brown and Goldman. Not before long it was on the news, and O.J. Simpson stood accused of murder.”

“Is this the face of a guilty man?” the song continues. “They say the murder glove don’t even fit his hand.”And though the lyrics referred to what is surely the most difficult period of Simpson’s life, the months after he lost his ex-wife and was accused of her murder.

This is kind of creepy.. but you can check it out below.