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#FightBall has taken NYC by storm.

The physically taxing eight-minute sets are simply one-on-one basketball games with very relaxed foul rules. The less rules, the more excitement. And one of the key aspects of FightBall is the soundtrack, which helps keep the crowd on their feet, and the two competitors hungry. You can thank Just Blaze for that extra energy, as he’s the mastermind behind the soundtrack.

All of this aggression is going through my head. I wanted to provide and convey the energy of what I was seeing on the screen,” says Blaze when describing his thought process behind the tracks. Not only does he need to maintain the energy of the crowd, but he has to give Brooklyn’s own DJ Clark Kent, who spins the event, all the pieces he needs to work with.

Blaze even goes on to say that one of the reasons he agreed to produce the FightBall soundtrack is because he knew his work would rest safely in Kent’s hands.

Learn more about Just Blaze’s creative process and inspiration in the interview up top.

PHOTO CREDIT: Dorothy Hong / Team Epiphany

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