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Well-known for his top-notch rap skills and laid-back persona, Big Boi, one-half of the Grammy-winning, multi-platinum duo Outkast, found out how it feels to face the wrath of #BlackTwitter. Over the holiday weekend while many were enjoying family cookouts, retail sales and binge-watching their favorite shows, Big Boi posted a controversial meme that got many fans and followers up in arms.

Attempting to highlight the contrast between black mothers of today and back in the 70s, the rapper posted the controversial meme to both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. The meme featured the Florida Evans character from the 70s sitcom Good Times alongside an unidentified woman in a string bikini posing with her backside to the camera as a small child watches. The text placed in the meme reads: “Mothers in the 70s…Mothers now…And we act like we don’t know what’s wrong with these kids.”


Instantly the rapper was trending on Twitter and being called everything from a misogynist and sexist to a hypocrite. Many who voiced their criticisms pointed out that a large portion of Big Boi’s lyrics and imagery in his videos equally refer to women in a derogatory manner or feature them scantily clad, which is the exact opposite of the meme’s intention. His love of strippers and strip clubs throughout the years, as evidenced in his music and personal life, was also brought to the forefront.


Despite the #BlackTwitter backlash, Big Boi stood firm on his decision to post the meme and simply responded with, “I don’t mind u bussin’ it open, but not in front of the baby, but I guess ya’ll don’t see the baby in the Meme. (That I did not create).” However it wasn’t all hostility on social media, as fellow rapper Snoop Dogg came to his defense by reposting the meme and responded with “True.”


Social media and celebrities have a long and complicated history and this certainly won’t be the last time a celebrity ruffles the feathers of fans and social media hounds alike.


Tell us, do you think Big Boi was out of line with the meme he posted or is it no big deal?


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