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Safaree Samuels‘ grudge against Meek Mill is probably not healthy at this point.

SB didn’t take his split from Nicki Minaj, or her new relationship with the Philly native, lightly. In fact, he’s still insisting Meek is partly to blame for their breakup. While it seemed the issue was finally put to bed, The Game recently accused his latest nemesis of FaceTiming Nicki while Safaree was with another woman. Soon after, Safaree chimed in, saying “I should thank him,” referring to the man in question, Meek.

In a new interview with Rap-Up TV, Safaree addressed the breakup (again) and doubled down on his belief that Meek had a lot to do with why he and Nicki eventually ended their 12-year relationship. At the same time, he claims he’s not focused on his ex or her situation. “During the whole process, I stayed a lot to myself – and I don’t know, with some people, that’s probably not good but for some reason, with me, it made me a very strong individual (laughs). Like a lot of people, they say to me, they say ‘Yo, if I were you, I would have been killing people. I’d have killed myself,” he says of their initial split.

“With me, I laugh and joke so much, it’s hard for me to even take certain things serious and really be acting heartbroken and upset and, you know, just bitter towards people just ’cause I feel so happy in my own skin at times…” the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reality star continues. “I’m in such a good head space that it’s like, I’m not even focusing on that,” he claims. “It’s like, even when people bring it up to me and anything that has to do with her, it does not faze me.”

After letting us know how far he’s come since the public feud with his rapping ex and her man, he speaks on The Game’s “Pest Control” diss and the allegations that Meek used to FaceTime Nicki while Safaree wasn’t around.

As far as his comment that he should “thank” Meek, he explains, “I’m just saying, I just meant like, you know… he definitely was a big part as to why me and Nicki broke up, you know what I’m saying? So, that’s why I said that.” 

Safaree ends it off with, “I don’t feel no sympathy for nobody who don’t care about me, so… it is what it is.” 

Sounds like he’s officially over it?


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