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Kanye said we should ignore racism last week, and it looks like some of America is already following Yeezus’ lead. The LA Times, Mother Jones, CNN and a Maggiano’s restaurant chain in Washington, D.C. all caught hell on social media Monday for their spineless compliance with America’s new Trump-charged White Supremacist movement, aka the “alt-right.”

By rebranding Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan with vague, hip nicknames like “the alt-right,” outlets like The Times and CNN are legitimizing a breed of hatred that was once confined to America’s basement — until Donald Trump’s campaign unleashed it and rode it to the Oval Office earlier this month. Now, family restaurants like Maggiano’s are hosting Neo-Nazi parties complete with “heil Hitler” salutes and Tila Tequila sightings. And Nazi salutes and cries of “heil Trump” are now normal behavior in government-sanctioned buildings.

With Trump hiring this new and improved breed of White Supremacists to his presidential cabinet — where they will undoubtedly help shape and enforce racist and xenophobic policies — the last thing we should do is ignore them and those they represent. Willful ignorance is exactly what they are trying to accomplish with their “alt-right” re-branding effort. But we should be paying more attention than ever before.

If you haven’t already started studying the factors that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin and other autocrats, please do your Googles, immediately. Then, try not to panic once you’ve connected the dots to Trump’s regime. But no matter how you go about finding and sharing information about these revitalized hate groups, don’t let the glamorous head shots The LA Times gave Richard Spencer and his Nazi brethren desensitize you to their hatred.

Spencer is the chairman, face and voice of the National Policy Institute – and no, their ambiguous name is not a coincidence. Like his group’s vague title, Spencer’s calm demeanor and optimistic talking points are a veneer to cover the rotten values at the core of “the alt-right” movement. Just watch The LA Times’ video interview with Spencer and observe how he makes White Supremacy appear as innocent as a cop who just killed a Black man on film.

And don’t just laugh at how Spencer’s condescending monotone resembles American Psycho’s classic archetype of White male psychosis, Patrick Bateman. We have to seriously acknowledge and act upon the subtle hatred that is peppered into every element of Spencer and his followers’ rhetoric. So pay closer attention when Spencer laughs off comparisons to the Ku Klux Klan with a wry smile and eye-roll. And note how he masterfully flips the hateful, fear-mongering energy at the core of White Supremacist ideologies into an optimistic, Martin Luther King-esque dream of a Eurocentric utopia.

“I want to influence politics and influence culture. And I think we have an amazing opportunity to do that with Donald Trump… “(Picture) a revival of the Roman empire. It would be a big state for all Europeans…” – Richard Spencer

Spencer goes on to compare his movement to Communism and Zionism, saying, “these were big ideas that people dared to dream.” He claims his immediate aim is to “raise consciousness” and “influence people” in order to bring his ultimate vision to fruition: A “revival” of Europe, via her long-lost daughter, America.

“(America is) a nation derived from Europe. It has an Anglo-protestant core, to be sure… This is something that we all assume. In 2016, it’s something that we have to think about explicitly. Because we live in a multi-cultural world… We live in a multi-cultural country where currently, European Americans are being dispossessed. It’s happening very slowly… We’re being demographically dispossessed. We’re losing our culture, we’re losing our sense of being.” – Richard Spencer

Ignore for a moment the irony of White Americans being demographically “dispossessed” and robbed of their culture and focus on the “lost sense of being” that Spencer speaks of. Then ask yourself how the presence of another person can rob someone of their own sense of being? Before you answer, remember that White is defined by the absence of color. And then consider the legacy of genocide and destruction Europe’s dynasties left while manifesting their destinies around the globe.

By now you should have figured out that White Supremacy is based solely in Whites’ own understanding of their genetic fragility. Any other explanation is as dishonest as the media’s attempts to normalize Trump’s Neo-Nazis. The recessive nature of White genes has driven some Europeans to such drastic measures as incest, genocide and electing a reality TV star as their president to preserve their Whiteness. But it’s time we all directly address these fears, and the anti-social behavior they motivate, before they become the justification for our own worst nightmare.

The “alt-right” is just the latest cover for the racist fears of Whites who can’t accept their own mortality. And we’ve clearly been ignoring them for too long if the mainstream media is comfortable repackaging them like a harmless tech start-up or the cool new genre of music all the kids are listening to. Even CNN legitimized the Neo-Nazis’ attempts to question the humanity of Jews, as if it were a breaking story they didn’t have enough information to disprove.

Worst of all, the term “alt-right” implies that these cowards are on the right side of America’s polarized political spectrum, just as Trump’s victory suggests bullying and bullshitting are legitimate political tactics in our democracy. So please don’t listen to Kanye, The LA Times or CNN on this one. Racism will not go away if you just ignore it or try to call it by a different name. When you overlook evil, you immediately become its accomplice, while also setting yourself up to be its next victim.

So can we please go back to calling Nazis what they are before we all end up in concentration camps?


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