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The ninth episode of Bronzeville shows our heroes in unmapped territory.

As Everett Copeland (Wood Harris) and Jesse (Omari Hardwick) still search for Lisa, they discuss a recent incident in which Curtis Randolph (Laurence Fishburne) went down to deal with a bookie himself. Everett worries that all the measures they’ve taken to go legit will be in vain. They even talk about the pros and cons of ending Randolph’s life . They agree they have to watch their backs, and keep an eye on the man they used to trust more than anyone, figuring that the best case scenario might be that Curtis is crazy.

In St. Louis, Lisa Copeland (Tika Sumpter) is found by Frank Barnes (Lance Reddick), and while the language is cordial, it is clear that the two know they are enemies. Frank invites her to come back on Saturday, and lets her know her money is no good in his club.

Frank goes into the back of the club and asks his employees to find out why Lisa is in St. Louis, and what happened in Chicago to make her leave. “I want to know by Saturday, “ he says.

Back in Bronzeville, Curtis’ most devoted employees discuss his breakdown, liken it to the fall of the Roman empire, and even talk about leaving Chicago before it’s too late for them, and the city.

On Saturday night Frank has pulled out all the stops to attract Lisa. He pours her champagne as he begins to try and find out with Lisa has come to his city. Quickly, they move from champagne to scotch, as Frank continues to ask Lisa how Curtis and the Copelands made Bronzeville what it is. Lisa tells him the best way to move up is to open your own bank. As the night goes on, Lisa gets more than tipsy, and both admit they did not seeing the night going the way it has.

Lisa agrees to let Frank take her to her hotel, and they talk going into the business together. When Frank asks Lisa to come up for a nightcap, she agrees to let him walk her up. When they get to the door Lisa invites her in…

Listen to the latest episode to find out what happens next. And click here to watch last week’s episode.

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