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This week, the Girls series finale caused quite a stir when Lena Dunham‘s character, Hannah, seemed to have a Black (or brown) baby. Well, the real mother of that baby is speaking out.

The baby playing Grover, Hannah’s child, is not Black. According to his mother, Jaclyn Nichole, her son, who is one half of twins, is Puerto Rican and Haitian. See the adorable photos below:


In a Tweet that has since been deleted, Nichole said, “1st off my [baby emoji] who plays Grover isn’t Black! He’s Puerto Rican & His Dad is Haitian,does it matter? He fit the role to a T & he’s gorgeous!”

Oh Lord, here we go.

What a crisis if her son was considered Black. The baby’s real-life mom seemed to think so, as if there aren’t Black Haitians or Puerto Ricans. If the man in the picture below is the father, the non-Black child might be in for a rude awakening later in life.


Is the baby’s mom right for defending her child or is a reality check needed here? You tell us.

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