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Travis Scott has been riding high off of his recent success, but reportedly his former management company has hit him with a lawsuit. According to the documents obtained by TMZ, Travis Scott’s former management company, LCAR Management, said the rapper signed a 3-year contract with them back in October of 2014, which guaranteed them 15% of everything that he makes in entertainment.

By now they should have earned about $2 million, so far Travis has reportedly paid them about $37,000. The management company claims they have made attempts to get the remainder of their money since 2015, but they received a letter from Travis’ lawyer saying their services were “no longer needed.”

Now the company is reportedly suing to get an “accounting of what he’s earned, and to get paid in full.” A source close to Travis reportedly said to TMZ that he signed the deal “in good faith” that they would hold up their end of the deal, but he felt like company was contributing in no way to his success!”

The lesson here boys and girls is to READ your contracts BEFORE signing!