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Earlier this week a woman attended a Cardinals baseball game at Busch Stadium when she was hit in the arm by a stray bullet. According to USA Today, the woman attended the Cardinals game against the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday, and while she was sitting in her seat near the dugout she was struck.

The police report states that the 34-year-old woman “felt pain in her arm and noticed a small abrasion above her elbow when she removed her jacket.” She then went to the medical office and contacted an off-duty officer for assistance.

Police said that they found a bullet slug “in the immediate area around the victim’s seat.” It is believed that the bullet most likely came from outside of the stadium

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that police sources said that there had been a call about shots fired near the area moments before the woman was struck, and the bullet may have come from someone shooting in the air.

Todd Porter, 54, who attended the game with his son said, “That bullet could have hit anyone. There were some little kids sitting in front of us, it could have hit them.”