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Q Parker of the group 112 has got some paternity drama going on. Apparently, the singer is involved in a court battle with a woman who claims that Q is the father of her 11-year-old love child. Q has been paying child support to the woman since he was born.

According to Bossip:

A judge has granted Q’s request to take a DNA test last week to see if he was really the father of Josiah Barnett after the singer claimed that the boy’s mom, Leah Steele Barnett, manipulated him into the child support agreement by threatening to tell Parker’s wife about their affair, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP. Q -real name Quinnes Parker – said in court papers that he was forced into the child support deal through “acts of fraud and duress,” and Steele Barnett only produced testing results that were supposed to identify genetic defects, and not an actual DNA test to prove he was the father. “In our case, Ms. Steele used the results of this exam to pressure Mr. Parker into stipulating he was the father of her child and agreeing to a support judgment without the benefit of counsel,” Q’s petition says. “Moreover, knowing that Mr. Parker was married at the time if their affair, Ms. Steele used the threat of disclosure of such to Mr. Parker’s wife and family as a method to induce Mr. Parker into consenting to support of her child.”