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Masika is back in full effect after her meltdown, and she links up with new season entry, Misster Ray, another messy flamboyant man, to kiki. Masika is having an event for her makeup line coming up so she’s in preparation mode. Of course the fact that Masika doesn’t rock with Zellswag comes up! It’s a point she makes clear to Misster Ray. Masika says that at some point she’ll be friends with Zell again, but for now she’s into holding grudges and doesn’t even want him at her event. Misster Ray mentions that he doesn’t rock with Zell at all, surprise surprise. So, he comes up with the bright idea for Masika to invite Zell to her event anyway.



Moniece and Nia link up with Cisco to chat about Teirra. First, they apologize for seeming like they were attacking him at the dinner. Cisco is cool about it, but then they say that they’re concerned about Teairra, whom they feel is an alcoholic. Later on, Cisco voices his concerns with Teairra about her drinking, frustrated that she didn’t tell him. She says she’s going to get her act together and he says that he’s here for her. In fact, he takes her to get a vitamin drip for detox.


Brooke is still mad at Marcus so she runs to Booby Gibson, Keyshia Cole’s ex, to complain about her situation. Booby apparently says the right things and now has Brooke “feeling butterflies.” Basically, they have a history. They’ve known each other for a while, but due to their respective relationships never took it there. But now that their relationships have fallen apart, there’s potential. Let me point out that Booby and Keyshia aren’t legally divorced, just separated.

Anyway, the two of them are working on music together.


But why do we get the feeling that Keyshia won’t be feeling this?

Solo Lucci is another new entry and he and Alexis Skyy have a thing. Actually, Alexis Skyy announced last week that her period was late so you know what that implication is. Anyway, it turns out that she’s not pregnant. They’re both relieved and agree to start over, but Solo Lucci apparently has a crazy babymama on the loose, and later on she storms into a photoshoot with Nikki and Alexis Skyy demanding to know why Alexis Skyy is sleeping with her man. It’s a hot mess and basically, both women are getting played.


Marcus tries to get back on Brooke’s good side. He brings her flowers and says he finally got the divorce finalized and wants to move forward. Brooke isn’t going for it and shuts him down. She also throws it in his face that she has a session with Booby coming up and she’s not wearing any panties. That gets under Marcus’ skin, like Brooke knew it would. Marcus runs to A1 and Solo Lucci to complain, but A1 points out that Marcus did play himself.


A1 then mentions that he’s supposed to meet up with Keyshia Cole to talk music, but we already know how Lyrica feels about A1 working with other women, especially since her project isn’t done. Marcus gives A1 bad advice, which is to stop allowing Lyrica to keep him from getting this money. So, A1 moves forward and meets with Keyshia Cole later on, behind Lyrica’s back. The meeting goes well and A1 agrees to clear his schedule so he and Keyshia Cole can work together. Lordt. This won’t be good.


Now we’re at Masika’s event. Zellswag shows up with Moniece, and Masika is shady toward him. She tells him she’s gonna go off with her “real friend” (Moniece) and that eventually she won’t be mad at him anymore, but tonight isn’t that night. Zellswag makes a good point: Why even invite him if it was gonna be like that?


Misster Ray is Masika’s MC and addresses the crowd, but everything goes south when Zell starts being disrespectful by talking over him. They get to arguing, Zell throws a glass and Ray goes off, which goes against his initial, “I’m going to keep it classy shtick.” Masika is pissed and starts going off on Ray for not being cool, calm and collected and then has security escort both gentlemen out.

But like, what did she think would happen by inviting Zell?


Anyway, same time, same channel next week.


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