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The #IceBucketChallenge and the #MannequinChallenge are so 2016 — but the Internet couldn’t let 2017 end without kicking off some type of viral challenge to help relieve us from all the drama happening in the world today.

Celebs like Erykah Badu, Cardi B, Issa Rae, 21 Savage and more have had the web on fire all week with videos of what they would do for the D or the P. The #ForTheD challenge has blown up so much over the last few days that rapper GameOva Reedy, who did the original #ForTheD freestyle, has spoken out about not getting the credit she deserves. But what would any challenge be without a classic song or beat to go with it?

We spoke with D4L rapper Fabo — the man behind the infectious “Gik’d Up [Scotty’s Calling]” track that’s being used in the viral challenge — to see how he felt about his 2005 song receiving it’s second wind after a decade.

On his initial reaction to the challenge

“It’s crazy. It’s always humbling to see people pick up on something you started.”

On his favorite video of all the challenges so far 

“Me and my team been trying to stay up on it from the beginning and it’s just been crazy. Seeing Issa Rae and Regina [Hall] do it, that was kinda crazy right there.”

On how he came up with the concept for “Scotty”

“One of my homeboys got killed. I went in the studio, banged out the beat and it just came out. It was pure.”

On whether or not the song received it’s just due when it came out 12 years ago

“Definitely not. I remember standing on stage and people yelling “Don’t say that.” [Geeked] is a different word in the English language. The way I meant for it to be. I never even did a video for a song. Maybe I’ll do a video. Better late than never.”

On the meaning of the song

“I like to say it’s a plea for help. For the guys that’s out there, hanging out at the bootleg and stuff like that. Cause everybody got money these days, which is probably not true. Everybody got bricks, so then who the people buying it from?”

On the new generation

“This generation is right there where I want them. So I feel like I had to slow down for them to catch up.”



These days, Fabo still does shows overseas, performing classic hits like “Laffy Taffy” and “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me.”  If you haven’t learned anything in 2017 from him or Cardi B, it’s that timing is everything.

Catch the Gik’d Up rapper on Twitter @FaboGeek.


GIK’D UP: D4L Rapper Fabo Is The Real King Of The #ForTheD Challenge  was originally published on globalgrind.com