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Twitter had a field day on Tuesday when pictures emerged of a “fake Klay Thompson” in the Oracle Arena at the Warriors-Rockets game. A Klay Thompson impersonator played by YouTube personality BigDawsTV previously attended Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. He was it again on Tuesday night when the Warriors opened the season with a home game versus the Houston Rockets, and though the Internet wasn’t fooled, he tweeted that Kevin Durant gave him a high-five and called him Klay–so his actual teammate might have gotten bamboozled. After pictures of him at the game surfaced, jokes were flying all night.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. The very next day, a James Harden impersonator appeared at the Houston Rockets game in Sacramento, once again making NBA fans confused. The tall bearded gentleman doesn’t look as much like James Harden as the fake Klay looks like Klay Thompson, but his dedication is still admirable, nonetheless. Any casual NBA fan could definitely confuse this guy for the actual Rockets teammate.

Both of these NBA imposters inspired the revival of an older doppleganger occurrence, fake Kobe. This Kobe Bryant look-a-like wasn’t even suited up in his NBA garb like the other two, but his resemblance to the former Lakers star is undeniable.

Hopefully these fake NBA players inspire more player look-a-likes to show up to some games in their hometown dressed in their team’s gear to see if people can tell the difference. It’s definitely gonna be a fun night on Twitter whenever the next doppleganger emerges.

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