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Alternative R&B artist Adrian Daniel is bringing an entirely new vibe to Brooklyn and he couldn’t be more on time. Global Grind tapped the innovative New Yorker for a quick chat about his new single “Open Up,” how he started recording music, and what he means when he says he’s a “normal guy.”

Adrian also sat for our Honest Opinions segment and shared his unadulterated thoughts on what he feels is one of the best albums of all time (spoiler alert: he makes a great point!), the songs that ran Summer ’17 (shoutout to Cardi B!), and who’s the better guy between Stefan Urquelle and Steve Urkel (because we need answers). His answers are sure to spark some debate.

Check that conversation out below and stream Adrian’s latest single “Open Up” on iTUNES now. This is the kid you want to have on your playlist as we gracefully transition into cuffing season.

Instagram: @adriandanielofficial Twitter: @adriandanielBK

Watch Adrian Daniel ‘Open Up’ About Being A Normal Guy, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, And The ‘Undisputed’ Cardi B  was originally published on globalgrind.com