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Many of Meek Mill’s fans and friends have been taking to their social media to send encouraging words to the rapper who was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Some of the public have been outraged, because they feel that the sentence was way to harsh. However, we have the inside scoop from the judge who gave the rapper the sentence he received. The relationship between Meek and Judge Genece Brinkley is not a new one. She has been handling his case for about 10 years, since his gun charge.  The judge happens to be a black woman from Philidelphia, who claims to have tried to work with Meek despite his multiple infractions. Meek has failed a drug test, disregarded a travel prohibition placed by the court, and  got arrested two times. She stated, Mill “does what he wants!” Meek admitted to his faults by saying.”I may have made a mistake but I never had the intention of disrespecting you.” The rapper also claimed going to jail for two years could potentially end his rap career. How do ya’ll feel? Was sis really wrong for giving him this sentence! Let me know in the comments below!