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Xscape announced, on the Andy Cohen Show, that they will have some new music coming our way soon! This is great news for all of us who love the group and are ready to hear how they are going to revive their iconic sound.  We’ve all been anticipating the announcement of some new projects from the group for some time now, since they’ve made a major comeback doing tours and appearances everywhere. However, the ladies of the group hit us with a plot twist when they let us know that Kandi is not going to be apart of their upcoming album. This news had everyone confused, because sis has been touring and putting in work with the group like she was going to stay. Kandi says that she has other alternatives that she is focusing on right now, including Broadway. I guess we can’t blame sis for securing her own bag, but there has been some mixed feelings about both Kandi deciding not to work on the project and the remainder of the group continuing on without her. How do you feel Live Squad? Is Xscape really Xscape without Kandi? Let us know!