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Earlier today Drake and his label OVO came up in conversation on Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks’ show Everyday Struggle.
Apparently, Akademiks and 40(Drake’s Producer) had a phone conversation and Joe Budden decided to weigh in on what was talked about. AK says that 40 says signing to OVO does not mean that Drake is going to do press runs to promote the artists.

Joe Budden then went on a rant as usual saying that he has personally talked to artists signed to the label and they claim they were promised things like Drake promoting their music, but never had those things happen.
Now we all know Party Next Door is a great artist, but his album was not promoted how many of us expected for it to be. On the show Joe claims that the OVO team failed Party Next Door and have done the same with many of their other artists.
I wonder if Drake will have a response to all of this… you know he doesn’t really respond to drama but this could be kind of bad for business.
Either way OVO has some great artists and we look forward to seeing some great work coming from the label!