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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is a snoozefest, but we keep pushing on as we watch this catty crew fight the good fight for a storyline. The episode is mostly about dating and love and we start with Sheree doing some shopping for her almost complete basement with Porsha in tow. Meanwhile, Cynthia has Kenya and Kandi over her place. They chat with Kenya about her grandmother’s funeral. It was obviously hard for Kenya to say goodbye, but Kenya is determined to move forward. Then they start talking about Kenya’s fantom husband again and Kenya starts explaining herself, as per the usual, about why he’s not on camera. We get it, Marc is private. This is what it’s going to be the entire season.


But Kenya says receipts cometh soon.

However, word on the street is she lost her peach again (because this rumor keeps surfacing about her)!


Meanwhile, Sheree and Porsha are having a kiki about Sheree’s #PrisonBae. Sheree says she might actually be in love. Porsha joins a matchmaking agency and says she’s down with the swirl. This will be interesting.

Cynthia and Peter meet up because business is booming for Peter and Cynthia is still his business partner. She owns 25% of Bar One, and because it’s going so well in Charlotte, NC, Peter has decided to try again in Atlanta. The spot is in construction, but Cynthia feels good about her investment. She wants Peter to up her stake, but Peter is more interested in finding out who she’s dealing with these days. Overall the conversation is amicable, but Peter is still sprung.

It’s understandable, Cynthia is a fine commitmentphobe.


Speaking of, Cynthia introduces Kandi and Todd to her new tender, Will. They double date on Will’s yacht, but Kandi isn’t so chill about this just yet. She starts grilling Will immediately because he has been on reality TV before, mostly for dating, and she rightfully can’t help but wonder if this man is an opportunist. WIll handles it well and so far Cynthia doesn’t seem to be bothered so Kandi and Todd let it rock, but with one eye open.

Porsha goes on a date, set up by matchmakers, with a potential boo. It’s a white guy like she wanted, but he’s not who she imagined. She’s thinking she’s about to get a George Clooney or a Brad Pitt, but he high key looks like a young Mr. Clean. Porsha kind of gives him a chance, however, she already has it in her mind that she’s not going to see him again.

Finally, the episode concludes with Sheree getting a call from her #prisonbae during a session with her life coach. Awkward. The life coach then asks various appropriate questions about what she’s in it for, especially since her man has 4 more years left on his sentence.  Sheree is steadfast in her declaration of love for this man. The end.

See you next week for more snore-worthy chatter about mystery boos or whatever.

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