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Today, the Kardashians’ lawyer, Shawn Holley, filled legal documents asking that the judge throw out Blac Chyna’s case. If you haven’t been keeping up with the tea, Chyna filled a lawsuit against the Rob, Kris, and Kim saying that they sabotaged the reality show she had with Rob. She also is claiming she suffered from defamation at the hands of Rob’s family.

However, according to the Kardashians’ legal team, Chyna was the one who sabotaged her own show by placing a restraining order against Rob. They claim this caused tapping to come to an abrupt halt, because it was impossible to film when the two couldn’t even be around eachother. This is what they are saying lead to the show being canceled!

The Kardashian trio is also claiming that Chyna’s defamation claims are crazy, because they are telling the truth! They are continuing to state that their allegations against Blac Chyna are true and that she in fact did leave Dream at home while she went out to party.

It sounds like a mess to me Live Squad, but we will definitely keep you updated!