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Daughter Of Eric Garner Leads Protest March In Staten Island

Source: Andrew Burton / Getty

Condolences are in order for the family and friends of Erica Garner – daughter of Eric Garner — who infamously was choked to death by police officers on camera after screaming 11 time that he could not breathe.

On Dec. 23, Erica suffered a massive heart attack brought on after an asthma attack. She suffered brain damage from the lack of oxygen to her brain and has been in a coma the last week. Earlier today on her official Twitter account, the family confirmed that she had in fact passed this morning. The family wanted it clear that the plug was not pulled and that Erica passed on her own terms.

Since the unjust death of her father at the hands of law enforcement in 2014, Erica became an outspoken civil rights activist and has just given birth to a son back in August.