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DJ Kahled is now the official social media ambassador for Weight Watchers! This is fitting since Khaled has over 15 million followers on all of his social media accounts. The DJ announced his loss of 20 pounds on the program and Weight Watchers saw a 6% increase in shares!
However, the weight loss company is expecting their partnership with Khaled to be way more lucrative than a 6% share increase! The company says they hope Kahled will attract more males and younger people to join their programs and increase enrollment in their freestyle program. They are also taking an active approach in helping DJ Khaled become healthier. The Company’s CEO, Mindy Grossman, says, “It’s about overall health and wellness– being your best self. By capturing and sharing his progress. (DJ Khaled) will enliven and inspire his community. showing that its possible to integrate healthy habits into your life.”

Weight Watchers plans to provide Kahled with a weight loss coach and also have him track his fitness progress using their app.
I’m sure this will prove to be very benefiial for both Weight Watchers and DJ Khaled. It seemed to prove to be beneficial for Oprah when she partnered with the company a few years back. She even gave him a shout out on Twitter for joining the Weight Watchers team!
We can’t wait to see a healthier Kahled in 2018!