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Tuesday, one of Fetty Wap’s two currently pregnant baby mamas, Alexis Sky, was admitted into the hospital, due to complications with her pregnancy. Fetty has been there with her ever since and the two seem to be enjoying each other’s company, despite the circumstances.
Wednesday morning, Fetty went live on IG, saying that Alexis and the baby are strong and doing fine. The two were also seen laughing together and Fetty definitely seemed like he was really helping her and making sure she was doing fine. Alexis even started following him again on Instagram, so things definitely seem to be going pretty smooth between the two.

However, there was someone who wasn’t to happy about the smiles and laughter coming from Fetty and Alexis. Masika, who is known rivals with Alexis and also Fetty’s baby mama, shared a post saying, “My ability to wish you well and still not give a f**k about you at the same time is amazing.” She didn’t stop there, though. She shared another post calling Fetty a liar liar pants on fire and sending her shots at him.
So far, Fetty hasn’t replied or said anything about Masika’s comments. I guess he is still focusing on Alexis and their baby, but we hope the two are still ok and will keep you updated on any breaking news!!!