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Lastnight at the 75th Golden Globes Awards, Oprah delivered a powerful and thought provoking message as she became the first African American Woman to receive the Cecil B. Demille Award. Her speech prompted the widespread support of Oprah running for president in the 2020 elections, and from the looks of it NBC news was among the supporters.
During the broadcasting of the award ceremony, NBC released a tweet saying “Nothing but respect for OUR future president. #GoldenGlobes” with a link to a picture of Oprah.

Well, of course you know that didn’t sit well with the Trumps. Donald Trump Jr. went straight to Twitter Monday morning saying, “In case anyone had doubts about where the media stands this should take care of it. The bias against @realDonaldTrumo is now so obvious they have simply given up hiding it.”
NBC did release a statement saying that the tweet “was sent by a third party agency for NBC Entertainment in real time during its broadcast” also stating. “it was not meant to be a political statement.” The network has also removed the tweet for their Twitter page.
President Donnie has yet to respond to the comments, but we get the feeling its coming! Would you all be here for Oprah being the first Female President, Live Squad?