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If you’ve used Lyft recently, you may have noticed the round-up feature on the app where you can round your fares to the nearest dollar and donate the extra proceeds to a non-profit organization. Through the feature, Lyft has been able to raise $4 million for various organizations, in just eight months.
On February 9th, the company launched its partnership with Black Girls Code to help raise money to user in a new generation of black females in the tech field. The organization was founded in 2011 and has since introduced over 8,000 young girls to the world of coding and computer science!

Uber offered the organization a $125,000 grant, however the Founder, Kimberly Bryant, rejected the offer. I know you’re thinking why would she do that, right? Well, Uber has been in some hot water, recently, for their mistreatment of women, which is only one of many times the company has gotten backlash. Oh, and did I mention Uber offered $1.2 Million to an organization named, Girls Who Code? Guess the two organizations were similar but not similar enough.
Regardless, Bryant says she wants to reach 1 milion girls by 2040 and is definitely well on her way! She currently has 13 chapters in the US and has also formed an international chapter located in Johannesburg.