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JoJo’s “Too Little Too Late” lyrics perfectly describe Snapchat’s attempt to make things right. *You know all the right things to say!…*

After messing up BIG TIME (details here), TMZ reports the fallen social media app is doing major damage control. But we don’t care because as JoJo said *to be real, it doesn’t matter anyway.*

According to the site’s update, “A rep from the National Network to End Domestic Violence tells TMZ they were contacted by Snapchat Thursday asking if the social app could bring an NNEDV member onto it’s board. The NNEDV rep we spoke to said their role will be to educate the Snapchat staff on domestic abuse and what’s appropriate to post, so they don’t make similar mistakes again.”

As JoJo put it, *In letting you go, I’m loving myself… You know, it’s just too little, too late.* Sorry, but this is goodbye, Snap.

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