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Spring breakers have been heading down to South beach with the hopes of having as much fun as possible. Well, its fair to say that singer Jacquees didn’t have too much fun, on Wednesday. He was arrested after allegedly driving without a seat belt, according to TMZ.

The incident took place on Ocean Drive when the signer was pulled over by a Miami Beach Police Officer, while driving his Lambo. According to officers, the cop told Jacquees why he was being pulled over and requested to see his license. Well, after allegedly refusing to provide them, the officer asked him to get out of the car. Jacquees did comply, however he did refuse to walk with the cop to the sidewalk.

Many college students started to gather around and became very vocal about the situation. This resulted in the officer calling for backup. A video can be seen of the famous singer being yanked as he was taken and placed into a police car.
He was booked for 2 misdemeanors including the seat belt infraction and failure to obey a lawful command.