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On Easter Sunday, a woman and two men were in a car on Facebook Live, at a gas station in Houston, TX. The group seemed to be talking normally when the female decided to pick up a gun to play with. She says “We draw down on the h*es” as she cocked the gun and pointed it at the male in the passenger side of the vehicle. The man seems to get nervous about her having the gun and voices that he doesn’t think that she should be playing with it.

Soon after, the patron in the backseat informs the female that there is no clip in the gun, so she cocks it back. That’s when you hear a loud pop and start to see blood rushing from the neck of the passenger seat rider. The female and the backseat male then get out of the car until first responders arrive.

The man who was shot has been identified as Devyn Holmes and is now in critical condition. The woman hoever, has just been charged with the Tampering of Evidence. That’s right, #LiveSquad. There are no current charges against her shooting Holmes, but the fact that she tried to wipe off the gun powder from her hands before getting tested by police has gotten her a front row seat to the court of law.

What do y’all think; should she have gotten more charges?

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