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Atlanta police reportedly responded to a shooting outside of the InterContinental hotel in Buckhead, Monday morning around 3 am. According to TMZ, cops say that Floyd Mayweather was in one of the vehicle’s at the time, but they are unsure who the gun shots were targeted at.

Police say three vehicles were returning to the hotel from a club when n”another vehicle pulled up beside them at the intersection of Peachtree Raod and Highland Drive and fired several times at one of the vehicles. All three of vehicles fled and reported being followed for a distance.”

“After losing the vehicle that was following them, the victim’s vehicle drove to Grady Hospital where the victim was treated for a gunshot wound tot he leg and is in stable condition.”

The police have also said that “at this time, it appears that this was not a random shooting and the shooter was targeting the victim’s vehicle.”

Floyd Mayweather has been reported to be okay and was not injured in the incident. As the story develops, I will keep you updated, #LiveSquad!