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Summer is slowly approaching, in a turtle-like manner, but still warm weather is on its way. Allegedly.

With warm weather comes more drinks, brighter smiles, good tans, and of course a lot less clothes. However, there is one article of clothing many people seem to agree should not come off, regardless of how hot it gets outside. According to a ton of people currently chatting on Twitter, men should keep their socks on and not show their toes in flip flops. Do you agree?

Hit the flip to see what people had to say about male feet. But before you go, remember Jay Z rapped on his song “On To The Next One:” “Yeah I got on flip flops, white Louie boat shoes/Y’all should grow the fuck up, c’mere let me coach you.” This, of course, was after Cam’ron dissed him on “You Gotta Love It,” shouting on the track “Open toe sandals with chancletas with jeans on…how is the ‘king of New York’ rockin sandals with jeans and he 42 years old?”

Petty much?

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