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*Whitney Houston voice: Wendy, Wendy, Wendy.

Once again dabbling in the land of messy, this time for some comments you made about an iconic gospel group — The Clark Sisters.

On your show Wednesday, you brought up Snoop Dogg‘s chart topping gospel album Bible of Love and instead of just ending on a positive note, you went and questioned whether The Clark Sisters ever got a #1 album.

Your follow-up response was not pretty. A refresher below:


Now, if you thought the good Christian folks (or music lovers in general) were going to let you say anything about a massively influential group, you thought wrong.

Everyone from Michelle Williams, to Kirk Franklin, to Nick Cannon came knocking at your door.


And Karen Clark Sheard‘s daughter Kierra Sheard (also a great singer) was definitely available to defend her mom and aunties.


Oh how your words have turned the messiness into a blessing.

Outrage for your statements have peaked so much that a #BringOutTheClarkSisters hashtag started trending on Instagram. The movement is even helping The Clark Sisters’ album Live – One Last Time rise on the iTunes chart.


See how God works Wendy.


But in the spirit of forgiveness, let’s just take this as a “you know not what you do” moment.

Social media on the other hand…they might need some time before they ride the forgiveness wave.

Swipe through for some more Clark Sisters appreciation and Twitter reactions that prove Wendy messed with the wrong ones!

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