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Today’s youth isn’t playing any games when it comes to completely slaughtering the stale status quo that we’re use to. Just like young Keo O’neal.

Just 8 months after Spelman College formally announced it would accept trans students, Keo has become the first openly trans man to graduate from the University.


But it wasn’t as smooth sailing as you may think. O’neal told reporters, “Before I transitioned and before I ‘passed,’ it was hard to assert myself and tell people my pronouns or explain that I’m trans. It’s hard to exist in a space where you feel invisible.”

He added,

“I love that Spelman is progressing and opening its doors to trans women but to me, it’s a bit reactionary. Spelman isn’t ready for such a great change to happen. Spelman should have agreed to the policy but put it off for another five years to really plan and decide what was to happen on campus to ensure the comfort and safety of trans and queer students.

Spelman doesn’t know how to handle the issues we are currently having with queer students; I’m not sure what will or if anything will change when trans women start attending.”



Despite his hardships, Keo mananged to graduate from the school of his dreams, all while making history along the way. You go, boy!

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