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Mission: Impossible

Source: Murray Close / Getty

I’m telling you…everyday robbers are full of surprises.

One burglar in northwest Houston thought he was breaking into a high tech security building when he robbed a local smoke shop.

He entered the shop through the one window that didn’t have burglar bars. Once inside, instead of creeping through the building on two feet, he crawled on the floor to get to the items he was going to steal. Apparently, he thought some high sensory technology was two feet above him?

Crawling does seem like a reasonable precaution, right?


Only problem is, homeboy was on camera the whole time and he didn’t wear a mask.


You can watch the footage for yourself below…


The burglar then had the nerve to come back 20 minutes later to steal more stuff. He eventually got away with $1,000 in merchandise and cash.

Authorities are offering a reward for anyone with information leading to his arrest.

And with his Mission Impossible video debut…

It shouldn’t be too hard tracking him down.  

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