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Mattress industry giant “Casper” is about to monetize the nap game y’all! So, last week, the company launched the “Dreamery” which they describe as a “physical sleep experience,” but it’s really a private room you can take a nap in during your day! It’ll cost you $25 for 45 minutes of slumber.

“There’s a really big opportunity here to create products and experiences to really help people think about sleep in a totally different way,” Casper co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Neil Parikh said. “Throughout the course of the day, there are so many moments you need to rest and relax—but it’s hard.” Well, YEAH! Adulting is hard out here for a pimp 😩

Casper provides pajamas, essential sleep oils, and meditations on their “Headspace” app. Their flagship store is located in Manhattan, but there are plans to expand into airports and college campuses!

I’m all the way here for this!